Class FAQ

What sort of Jive do you teach, is it ballroom style?

No it isn't. We teach a 50's style swing jive, so the moves have their origins in Jitterbug, Rock and Roll & Swing.

Do I need to bring a partner?

No, there is no need to bring a partner, you can attend classes on your own as we have class rotation.

If I do bring a partner will I stay with them at the classes?

No, not for the whole evening. All our classes have a rotation policy as it is important for the social side of the dance and also is the best way to learn the moves and how to lead and follow. You will though have plenty of time to dance with your partner during the class as you rotate and also in the practice time afterwards. 

In special circumstances we can make exceptions to this policy. Contact us at if you think this would be applicable and for more information.

Do I need to have any dance experience to join the classes?

No, the beginners classes are designed for absolute beginners. You will learn a new move each week step by step and then revise the previous week's move. 

What should I wear to class?

Wear something comfortable to move in and ideally a smooth flat soled shoe.

I am still nervous about coming, will I feel silly if I can't get the moves right?

We understand that, however all the classes are fun and friendly and the main thing is to have fun and there is no pressure to get everything right. Remember 'we don't make mistakes, they are just variations'.

What sort of age group are the people who come to your classes?

Our classes are for anyone 18 and over, so we have all ages from 18 through to 80 plus. The classes are designed to suit all and you can take them at your own pace.

Do I have to book up for a block of classes?

No, classes are pay as you go on the night. You can also mix and match which venue you attend.

Can I mix  the venues I attend?

Yes, that's absolutely fine, you can attend different class venues anytime.