“ Fantastic! Everyone is so friendly - a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure. The emphasis is on having fun and to learn as you go. We were amazed at how quick we found ourselves dancing “

John & Sharon

"So the story is that Tracey and I went to Spain to visit her mum. Whilst there her mum and friends were all doing this dance of which I don’t remember the name but it was some kind of jive, gentle jive with a bit of a variation. We did our own kind of dancing and had fun but came away thinking that it would be fun to go away and learn how to dance and then the next time we visit be all like “look at our moves”. 

Then Tracey was shopping one Saturday and saw cool moves strutting their stuff in town and picked up a leaflet…. the rest as they say is history. 

I realised that I’d lost the absolute love I had had as a child with dancing and music of this era and cool moves has brought all of this back with a delightful and welcome boom. New friendships and like minded fun all round. I will be forever grateful for the joy it brings me. The music the dresses the company and of course the dancing πŸ’ƒπŸΌ I absolutely love love love it 😊"


"Mark and I were engaged in May 2017 and we planned our wedding for 2019 when we had both retired, the venue was  a romantic Fort in Cornwall. I knew exactly the sort of wedding dress I wanted, a fifties style knee length, full skirt dancing dress. At that point however, we couldn't dance and had never heard of coolmoves. 

 I googled jive dancing and was delighted to find out all about Coolmoves. We started jive classes in September 2018. Although I shared the secret with my work colleagues we didn't tell any of our family and friends. We kept the secret for a whole year. Each week gaining more confidence, skills and rhythm. 

We loved the classes and made many new friends. Every month we enjoyed the bandnight in Leominster. But could not share our newly found hobby with anyone.

 As the wedding date drew closer Claire and Adrian helped us to choreograph our first dance which we chose Ollie Murs Dance with you tonight.

 It was so exciting on the night of the wedding as only a very few people knew about the dance. We were very nervous but it went off perfectly.  Everyone was so surprised and impressed it was brilliant. 

Thank you to everyone concerned with Coolmoves you have made our retirement fun, we get exercise and meet lovely people of all ages and walks of life"

Val and Mark from Ludlow

"I first joined cool moves years ago to learn how to jive,but I got sooo much more than that ! The fun ,the friend ships ,the social life !! 

I want to thank Matt and Sarah for all that they do ,so professional,so hard working and they've cleverly created a system to train other instructors so that so many more people can experience the joy of dancing .

Easy to follow ,small steps ,and before you know it ....Your dancing !!!! 

The live bands are absolutely fantastic,a chance for everyone to come together and practice what they've learnt plus learn even more ! To make new friends and have fun .

Thank you both so muchπŸ™"

With love Miranda and Pete x

"I have always wanted to learn to dance but not had the confidence or opportunity to try. I grew up dancing whilst balancing on the top of my dad’s feet, twirling and watching my parents dance together at every occasion. I love 1950/1960s music, fashion and the nostalgia of the era. So, during a jubilee event I saw the cool moves crew dancing and noticed on the sign ‘no partner needed’ so thought I would enquire. 

I have now been dancing for six weeks, and it has been the best experience for me. John-Paul, Ken, Sue and Noggin have made me feel so welcome and every lesson is filled with laughter and smiles. I have been to one live music dance and two practice dances. Everyone is so kind and I look forward to every lesson. So thank you Cool Moves crew as my confidence is growing, I have made some wonderful new friends, and I know I’m going to be a lifelong Jiver!"


"I enjoy Coolmoves lessons, events and dances. They are a fantastic way to keep active, socialise and make new friends. They have developed my love for dancing and being part of a friendly community of others who share the same love and interest."