Monday, July 27, 2020

Starting Classes Again

I am sure you all have been missing your dancing as much as we have, so we just wanted to give you a quick update on our plans with regards to restarting classes. As it stands, we are planning to restart classes in September in some form, which based on the current situation and government guidance is likely to be a combination of solo dance classes (strolls. charleston etc) and stay with your own partner (or a partner you have formed a bubble with) classes.

Class numbers would be reduced to ensure social distancing, classes pre-paid and pre-booked as well as other COVID-19 secure practices in place. 

We will continue to review government guidance etc and if possible may also run some test classes at the end of August. We will though, send out further detailed information on all this over the coming weeks. 

It's a shame we can't yet go back to dancing how it was, but hopefully this will give you something to look forward to in these strange times.

Best Wishes

Matt, Sarah & The Coolmoves Team xx

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