Friday, February 26, 2021

Road Map Back To Dancing

As you probably have all seen, the government has laid out its plan to exit lockdown and eventually remove all restrictions. After reading through the whole 60 page document that was released and if everything goes to plan then indoor dance/exercise classes can resume from the 17th May albeit still with restrictions and then from June 21st the government hope to lift all restrictions in full.

Based on this, our road map back to dancing will be as follows:

From May 17th :

We will resume the majority of classes for a 4 week block with restricted numbers and COVID secure procedures as before, still non-rotational, but hopefully with dance bubbles again as the guidance indicates this will be possible.

Social dances will also resume again with bubbles of 6, with the same COVID secure procedures as before.

June 21st:

We will start a new block of classes at all venues without restrictions and full rotation in class so single dancers can finally come back and enjoy Jive again along with everyone else.

Social dances would continue without restrictions. Band nights will also start again with the first one planned for July 17th.

We do feel that some of the procedures that are in place now to be COVID secure would be beneficial to continue with even when the restrictions are lifted, so for example, we will be still encouraging regular hand washing/sanitising and not to attend classes if you have any sort of COVID or cold symptoms.

We hope that we can proceed with the above as I know so many of you miss dancing and also the social interaction, but of course all of the above is subject to review and guided by the government guidelines with regards to dates and changes to restrictions.

As we move closer to these dates we will release more detailed and updated information.

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